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Friday, September 11, 2009

metals sources

Here are some of the links that I mentioned in the first week of class:
Source for various old out of print metal working books. Home of the Dave Gingery books I mentioned in class. Various topics of books include metalworking, automobiles, living off of the grid, casting, etc. make sure to order a free catalog while you're there.
This site is good for ordering small amounts of metals. They have starter packs that have various sizes/gauge of metal that seem reasonably priced. I have not compared prices with other sources, but the convenience of ordering is maybe worth any price difference.
Metals source in New Berlin.

Additional information that might be of use:

is a link to Small Parts
catalog request:
They are a supplier of precision tools, metals, and parts. They have specialty metals, bearing, micro bolts, and tools suited for the metalsmith, jeweler, or small scale engineer. I order most of my micro bolts from here. They are one of the few suppliers of stainless micro bolts.

Another interesting supplier is Reactive Metals
They sell niobium, titanium, and pnp products. They also sell micro bolts as well but they are brass bolts that are sold raw or coated.

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